Jan 29, 2011

Remember When-Our 50th

May Love's Golden moments shine forever in our hearts.
May God continue to bless our marriage.
Denver and I were married on January 20,1961. 
We celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary on January 20, 2011.
Our daughter Angie's husband, Art is praying over us.
A very special moment!
Our family gave us a Celebration at Millard's Crossing in Nacogdoches, Texas that will always stay as a wonderful memory for Denver and me.
Thank you Girls, son-in-laws, grandchildren and friends for helping make this a wonderful time to reflect.
Most of all I give Praise to God for seeing Denver and me through these last fifty years together.
All Praise goes to God!!

Marlo, Charity and Angie, our daughters worked so hard to put this all together.
Thank you so much!
 The 50th Party
Denver's dad, Mr Buchanan restored most all of the building on this property years ago at a place called Millards Crossings. 
It is a great place to have parties and weddings.


  1. I was soooo sad to not have been able to attend, but it looks like you all had a blast! Everything was beautiful!
    You and Denver are so precious and such an inpsiration to us other "younger" couples!:)
    Love you and Congrats on 50 years!
    Cindy Kelley

  2. Had s0 much fun preparing for and decorating for our grand celebration. So, thankful for you two. Love you, Mar