Nov 24, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

November and December are the two months that I love to cook and make a lot of my desserts; Cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, puddings and the list goes on.

It seems we jump from Halloween to Christmas and there is just not enough time to enjoy the Thanksgiving Spirit that we all need to cherish.

Thanksgiving Day is about home and family to me. It is synonymous with things that can be found in our own homes. I love a fireplace, being busy in the kitchen, children and grandchildren, homemade rolls, pumpkin pie and a million calories.

Thanksgiving should be a time of reflecting upon the faithfulness of God and thanking Him for all things big and small that He has given to us. The meal, the memories has a way of blocking the times of pain that we have had to endure in the days behind us. It just ushers in a spirit of gratitude, love, and genuine joy once we feast around that day together and everything else seems to fade into insignificance.

Thanksgiving also is packed with national nostalgia. It takes us back to the simple life that our forefathers lived and depended on to exist. Thanksgiving just brings a renewal to me of thankfulness and patriotism, a reflection inside that seems to say, " I am proud to be an American."

Take a lot of pictures and enjoy your family even if it is just two of you. We are making memories and that will be very important to us later. Today will be tomorrow's memories.

I really pray for you to have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
Joanie B

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