Dec 21, 2009

Love Has Come

I hear a lot of statements like, "this is what Christmas is all about."
Some people try to explain away the Holiday Season and fail to leave out the Christ Child.

The true meaning of this season and all year long is that the Lamb of God was born in a stable and came to redeem mankind from sin; Eventually to die and be raised again to give us victory over sin.
We now through accepting Jesus Christ get to have a hope and an eternal future. What Greater News could ever be told.

Love showed up in a lowly stable to let the world know what the true meaning of this season and for all seasons is really all about, God incarnate has revealed TRUE LOVE to all human flesh.

I now can show that love to my family, friends and those I have never seen. That is what Christmas is all about. It is a wonderful love story! We should never be guilty of saying, "no one loves me."

Jesus loves you and has come down to prove it. He did not leave us as orphans, He has given us His Spirit to walk out this so great SALVATION. Go telling it on the mountain, "that Jesus Christ is born."

Teach it to your children and let them teach it to their children's children. Remind them that the greatest love gift is not what is under the tree all wrapped in pretty paper and ribbon but was Jesus Christ, born in a manger wrapped in swaddling clothes.

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